Hello Beautiful!


I am Happy to Meet You! 

I’m Stacey Lepitre – a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Certified Health Coach, a wife, a mom to two amazingly awesome kids. I have an addiction to planners and subscription boxes… and Amazon if I want to be completely honest! Gifts is my love language and I have a secret love for the mailman – haha!

What I Do

I help women find confidence in who they were created to be! I help you Dream Again, then I help you Activate those Dreams!

I help you to stand tall even if life has knocked you down and to find a healthy balance in an unbalanced world!

My Passion

Is to restore the family by building confidence in women! We are the pillars of our home, the Lioness within our pride!

My Story 

I have been working along side my husband in our accounting business for the last 14 years. Dealing with the government, and consistent tax changes can bring its own level of stress and ever changing processes. My body hit a wall when I was 32 – head on (not literally) but it sure felt like it when I lost all energy and was in consent pain. I had a hard time getting up the stairs without taking a mid-way break. I remember laying in bed honestly thinking that my days were coming to an end – then I started praying that God would just take me home so I could stop suffering. Thankfully he doesn’t answer all the prayers we cry out…

My husband and I reached out to a natural path (after seeing a physician, and being told I was only in pr-menopause). After spending a great deal of time with the natural path and doing all kinds of tests, and blood analysis – we came to an understanding that my body was shutting down due to stress. I was 3 points away from needing a pace maker, I was a couple pounds away from being 200lbs the heaviest I have ever been (except while pregnant) I was showing up as malnutritioned (anorexic) my body was far from being anorexic! My body was rejecting all the nutrients I was eating. I had a blockage between my small and large intestine – which was painful and humiliating when I would bloat out like I was 8 month pregnant.

This event in my life began my own personal health journey. In order to reclaim my life I had to make some serious changes, and Fast! I began with my diet – which was a process in itself. I wasn’t able to exercise till months down the road. It took me about 8-10months to be able to go for a walk with my family and not have it wipe me out. I was able to find a healthy balance during this time.

I then started seeking out ways how I could help others manage their unknown stress – which brought me to get Certified as a Health Coach. During that process I learned there is so much more than just nutrition and exercise to obtain optimal health. There is the inner part of us that makes us and breaks us: Our Relationships, Spirituality, Home life, Career & Finance, and of course our Nutrition & Physical Activity.

This -ah-ha- moment for me got me searching for more to offer you! Which lead me to become a Certified Christian Life Coach. I wanted to be equipped to help you on a much deeper level. To offer you skills that you yourself could see radical transformations in your own life journey.

I have been through many dark days in my life, and I don’t want you to have to battle those days alone!

It’s time you wake up that Lioness

within and let her