Advantages of Behavior-Based Goals

When you think about the advantages of behaviour-based goals, a few things come to mind immediately.

You might be excited to get more done, or be promoted, or increase your leadership skills, or just lead a happier life in general.

All of these things are possible with hard work and dedication, but setting the right goals makes it much easier.

Increase Productivity

Being a goal-oriented person means making the most of your time.

When you start to act on behaviour-based goals, you’ll find yourself getting more done.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons that people seek change in the first place is to increase their productivity.

With a few changes, you can stop procrastinating and accomplish more with less stress.

Behaviour-based goals like cutting down on procrastination, managing your time more effectively, and concentrating on the task at hand can all increase your productivity.

Instead of making explicit goals like finishing a report in record time, focus more on staying positive and motivated.

You’ll get more done and find yourself experiencing less stress while you do it.

Win Friends and Influence People

Other people are drawn to motivated, goal-oriented individuals.

Use behaviour-based goals to make the people around you feel valued, and you’ll find yourself making friends and effortlessly leading others.

Set out to be the sort of person you want to have around, and friends and coworkers will give you their respect and seek you out for advice.

Make Yourself Marketable

Employers love people who set goals and act on them.

They routinely promote people who have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish.

Behaviour-based goals can make you more marketable and help you rise to the top of your profession.

When you think about the sort of people who are leaders rather than followers, you’ll start to see that behaviour-based goals are key.

In order to make yourself more marketable, set behaviour-based goals that encourage positive interactions and improve your ability to manage stress.

Tell yourself that every time you talk to a client or coworker, you’re being given an opportunity to prove yourself competent, valuable, and trustworthy.

Before you know it, you’ll see yourself grow into the leader you’re capable of being.

Live Your Best Life

One of the biggest advantages of behaviour-based goals is increased personal satisfaction and self-worth.

When you’re killing it at work or interacting in a positive way with friends and family, you’ll find yourself becoming happier and more self-assured without even trying.

Use behaviour-based goals to become a better listener, set aside time to relax, and connect with the ones you love.

Your quality of life will improve practically overnight.

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