Forgiveness – How to Get There

It’s not easy to forgive. There’s a process you must go through after making a commitment that you’re going to work through your feelings and problems. When you live with non-forgiveness, you’re separating the darkness in your mind from the light and clarity you could be experiencing.

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Forgiveness Can Restore Your Life

Do you feel that you’ve turned your life over to anger and resentment? When something happens to you that turns your life upside down or inside out, it’s difficult to remember a time when you were happy and you greeted each day with enthusiasm and positivity. It’s especially difficult to overcome when you’ve been hurt by someone you love.

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Top 10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Our lives are filled with clutter, whether it’s a desk covered with papers, a kitchen drawer stuffed with items that don’t seem to belong anywhere else, or an overwhelmed mind trying to deal with too much. A cluttered mind is fatiguing and results in poor performance and poor decisions. You can declutter your mind, just as you can declutter your kitchen drawer.

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