Building Your Self Worth

You are born with an innate sense of self-worth that you build on and develop as you grow. We’re going to explore ways to build your self-worth, below are 10 affirmations that you can start using today.

Know and Understand Yourself

Knowing who you are, has nothing to do with what clothes you wear, the things you own, the car you drive, or how much money you make. Not about your education or lack thereof, or whether you are in a relationship or not.

It’s ABOUT knowing what makes you uniquely and undeniably you. What do you love? What don’t you? What do you enjoy? What types of things and experiences do you value?

A great question to ask is; “If everything I own and loved, was taken from me tomorrow, and all I had was myself, what would I be able to offer the world?

Accept Yourself As-Is

Accepting yourself means valuing who you are in the present moment. Our pasts do not define us, they shape us. Keeping in mind we are NOT our past failures, we learn and grow from our mistakes.

Being able to accept yourself means no judgments, no looking back, and no looking forward. Just here and now, and who you are at this moment. Including the good and the bad, the perfect and the flawed parts of yourself.

Unconditionally Love Yourself

A very large part of increasing your self-worth is learning to love and care for yourself. Practice positive and compassionate thinking about yourself, and towards yourself.

This is where you let go of that negative self-talk, self-loathing, and negative thinking patterns. Everybody – each and every one of us here on earth – has flaws and faults. It helps make up who we are as individuals. Keeping in mind this does not negate our value.

Recognize Yourself

This is where you begin to truly realize that everything around you; people, places, experiences – have no bearing on who you are.

External things no longer serve you, you must learn to let them go. They are no longer part of your identity. You’ve grown a much stronger sense of self that no longer relies on these external things.

Take Full Responsibility

You are in control! It is you and only you who are responsible for your life experiences, your problems, and your unique circumstances. You have the ultimate power to control your entire world.

10 Self Worth Affirmations that Work!

What I’m talking about are affirmations! Affirmations are small phrases that we say to ourselves over and over in the present tense. Your unconscious mind picks up on these affirmations, and sets to work making them become your reality!

If your goal is a greater sense of self-worth, you are in luck! Affirmations are a great way to start towards your success.

Below are ten self-worth affirmations that I feel are best aimed at increasing and expanding your own sense of worthiness.

Practice these affirmations as-is – or personalize them how you see fit. Just be sure to do this practice every morning and evening.

Consistency is KEY! Write them down and place them on your bedside table, or put them in the bathroom whereever you will see them upon waking and just before retiring each night.

Your Affirmations

  1. Today is full of opportunities, and I welcome each one!
  2. I am worthy of unconditional love, and I am loved by many.
  3. Only I have the power to change my life, and the beginning is today.
  4. I am healthy, with boundless energy, unconditional love, and have abundance in all areas of my life!
  5. I am competent, confident, experienced, and talented!
  6. I deserve endless abundance in all areas of my life.
  7. I am grateful for [fill in the blank with your own words].
  8. I am filled with positive thoughts and positive energy, inside and out.
  9. I am guided by the Holy Spirit, and he is with me here, now.
  10. Today I will radiate positivity!

Remember that you must be consistent in order for these thoughts to “stick” when they do, you will see a huge difference in the way you look at the world. The thoughts you entertain will no longer be negative towards yourself and your sense of self-worth will skyrocket!

Sending you much love

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