Dangers of Stress and What You Can Do About It

Truth: stress can kill you, or at least too much of it can. If unmanaged stress can wreak havoc in all aspects of your life.

Truth: stress can kill you, or at least too much of it can. If unmanaged stress can wreak havoc in all areas of your life, your physical self, emotional self and even your relationships will take a hit from a difficult, stressful situation.

Being overloaded isn’t a good feeling in general, but uncontrolled stress can also have ripple effects in your personal and professional lives, at work and home.

I have been a victim of Stress and its ability to attack every area of my life, even to the point where I was knocking on death’s door. It was a long climb back to good health, and even today, when stress surfaces in my life, my body feels every bit of it.

Consider the real dangers of stress

  1. Immune System. Both chronic and acute stress can weaken your immune system, putting you more at risk for everyday illnesses. Individuals who manage their stress well have fewer bouts with the common cold, allergies, and seasonal flu.
  2. Other Health Risks can be deadly, especially when your heart starts to feel the effects. When stress hit me like a tidal wave, I was 3 points away from needing a pacemaker, and I was in excruciating pain every minute of the day.

Your Mental and Physical State Without Stress

As you can see, the case can certainly be made for examining the stressors in your daily life and working towards eliminating some of the issues.

Effective stress management plans will make you feel better overall, in both your physical and mental health.

You’ll experience a significant increase of energy, experience less physical pain, and enjoy more quality of sleep because your mind won’t be preoccupied with stress.

In terms of your mental state, lower stress levels may lead to better concentration and focus, a calmer mood, and less irritability.

Managing Your Stress by Putting Yourself First

If you say to yourself that dealing with stress is part of your job, that you just “deal” with it, or that you work well under pressure, then you may be doing more harm to yourself than good.

There is a good reason why many employers, institutions and organizations today are putting into place “wellness plans,” which are sometimes focused on stress management and rightfully so.

If you don’t have a “wellness plan” available in your workplace, I will encourage you to inquire about how to get one started.

Creating an Individual Plan

There are all sorts of ways to get your stress under control. For me, when I was at my worst, the “stress management” plan, I had to walk out was extreme and not easy to sustain – to be quite honest.

I am a firm believer in prevention, focusing on your health today will save you not only thousands of dollars in health care, but it can also save your relationships and your peace of mind.

Now Consider adding stress-reducing practices to your day:

  1. Meditation and mindfulness. Meditation and mindfulness have been shown to have a positive effect on a person’s stress level and ability to manage stress.
    • These practices involve setting aside at least five or ten minutes each day to spend in a quiet space, free of distractions.
    • Paying attention to your body’s natural breathing patterns is a big part of these practices. Focus on your breath and alleviate your stress.
  2. Exercise is also a way to de-stress. The release of endorphins to your brain acts as a buffer against stress and is almost like a natural antidepressant. Whether you go for a daily run or take a trip to the gym, physical activity is a win-win for both your brain and your body.

The Essential Part of Stress Management is Establishing a Routine

Setting aside a specific portion of your day, even if you have to schedule breaks in your workday, ensures that you’re giving yourself the time you need to de-stress.

Failing to get your stress under control, however, will lead to negative repercussions in your physical, mental, and overall well-being.

Start reducing your stress today with a routine of meditation, mindfulness, and exercise soon; you’ll be singing the praises of your practices as you see your stress melt away and you enjoy invigorating health.

In Love and Good Health

Coach Stacey

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