Developing a Positive Attitude Results in Positive Experiences

Positive thinking doesn’t come easy to most. Even though most will say, “change your thoughts you’ll change your life!” I fully agree, but it is not as easy as it sounds. If you are anything like me you need a direction manual on how to do make that happen.

Below you will find 8 affirmations that you can write out on post-it notes, in your journal, on your bathroom mirror with lipstick. Whatever it takes for you to be able to say these things back to yourself… so that you too can say “Change Your Thoughts & You’ll Change Your Life!”

It’s your time…..

  • Each day, I see the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude. I realize that being positive results in better outcomes for me. When I am optimistic, it is easier for me to find solutions to challenges.
  • My mind is ticking with creativity because I am positive. I realize that when I look on the bright side, I can think clearly and accomplish more.
  • My relationships with those around me are stronger when I keep an open mind. I take the time to listen to their points of view. This approach results in better collaboration and mutual respect.
  • Keeping a positive outlook ensures that I avoid getting frazzled. When I feel frustration mounting, I remind myself that I am free to choose how to respond.
  • Being positive helps me to be patient. It helps me prepare to meet my long term goals.
  • I avoid allowing my lack of experience to prevent me from applying for new jobs. Even when I have less experience than other candidates, I believe in my abilities.
  • Every positive experience affirms that being positive is the best way to move forward.
  • Today, I vow to live a life full of positivity. I attest to the power of positive thinking because I see its impact on my life. I commit to encouraging others around me to live the same way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why do disappointments sometimes cause me to lose hope?
  2. When the outcome to a situation is unfavorable, how quickly am I able to find an alternative?
  3. How does having a positive attitude help to develop other positive traits in me?


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