Developing a Vision for Your Life

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Do You Struggle to Design & Carry out a Vision for Your Life?

Do You Find Yourself Living Day to Day Without a Plan and Feeling like You’ve Lost Your Focus?

n to discover some inspiring tips on how to develop a vision for your future

Allow Some Time in Your Schedule to Do Nothing but Reflect on Your Life

Having time to ponder how far you’ve come and where you’re headed is integral to proceeding to develop your life vision.

Open Your Mind

Surveying your life so far might be a rather daunting process.

You have to acknowledge fully what’s happened to you and determine whether you’re on the track to where you want to be on at this time.

This process might be a challenge, but the end result could produce one Amazing Life that’s Tailor-Made just for YOU!

Feel Free to Jot Down Some Notes

Think about what you’ve accomplished thus far in your journey.

What goals have you established?

Write them out.

Doing so will cultivate more thoughts of what you’ve experienced in life and why.

Are you still working toward those goals?

Why or why not?

Be Honest with Yourself about any Choices You’ve Made that were Diversions

When did you make a choice that prevented you from continuing with your plans at the time?

Looking back now, what do you see as your biggest mistakes?

Did some of those choices turn out to be wise? Why?

Did they lead you down a path that you now see as more in tune with what you really want?

Set Goals Now

Make a new list of your current goals and wishes for the future.

Maybe you want a promotion at work. What has to happen in order for it to occur?

Create the mini-goals necessary to help you meet your main goal of getting that promotion.

Leave nothing out.

For example, if you need to complete two college classes, include those as goals.

Check off each smaller goal you accomplish as you work toward the larger, overall goal.

It will feel great when you do!

Post Your Life Aspirations Where You Can See Them

Put them on your mirror, refrigerator, Smartphone, electronic pad, and bulletin board.

Put a copy by your favourite chair in the living room where you can re-read them often.

In short, ensure your vision is right in front of you much of the time.

Create a Vision Board

Use photos from magazines and write inspiring words related to the photos you choose to place on your board.

Your vision board is a graphic reminder of what you’re working toward every day.

Decide Whether You’re Living in “the Right Place”

Does your current home location meet your employment, personal, and financial needs?

Is it possible to achieve your goals there? If not, consider your options.

Are you willing to move away?

If so, include on your goal list everything you must do to get ready to move.

Make Your Life Vision a Priority!

In order to live out the vision you’ve developed, you must keep your vision at the top of your priorities.

When making decisions in the future, consider options that will support your life vision.

Start Creating Your Vision Today! 

Developing your life vision will take time, reflection, and work, but the rewards will be great.

Your life will be filled with passion and optimism once you develop your vision.

Don’t Wait?

Your future self will Thank You!

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