End Fat Talk in 30 Days or Less

The next time you start to make a joke about your thunder thighs you may want to think twice. Fat talk backfires.

The next time you start to make a joke about your thunder thighs you may want to think twice. Fat talk backfires.

That’s the conclusion of a recent study performed by psychologists at Notre Dame University. College-age women were asked to rate women who were engaging in fat talk and women who were speaking about their bodies in positive terms. The subjects who made favorable statements were deemed much more likeable.

Imagine the contentment that comes with accepting your body and sensing more approval from others. With a little retraining, you can get rid of fat talk in just a few weeks.

Benefits of Ending Fat Talk

1. Improve your self-esteem. In addition to becoming more popular with others, you’ll probably wind up liking yourself better. Separate your self-worth from your dress size.

2. Treat yourself better. When you appreciate your true value, you’ll behave accordingly and gain confidence. Maybe you’ll even ask for a raise or let a neighbor know when you want him to return your hedge trimmers.

3. Make your conversation more interesting. There’s much more to talk about in life than how many calories are in a shrimp cocktail. Stay up to date with the latest world news and cultural events.

4. Spread positive thinking. Fat talk is contagious. When you stay away from it yourself, you protect others from falling into it too.

Take These Steps Yourself


1. Be more direct. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve by putting yourself down. If you’re looking for attention, learn to play the piano. Ask a friend to listen to you when it’s sympathy that you want.

2. Analyze your feelings. Instead of saying you feel fat, get in touch with your underlying thoughts and emotions. You may be tired or angry.

3. Reconsider your definition of beauty. Interestingly, women of all sizes are prone to fat talk. You may be more attractive than you realize. Focus on your best features and wear flattering clothes that fit well.

4. Maintain a healthy weight. Stigmatizing body fat is cruel, but keeping fit is sensible. Even though it might be challenging, incorporate a workout into your day. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes and other serious health issues.

Steps to Take With Others


1. Develop friendships with other women. While men can be affected by fat talk, it’s more common among women. Reach out to your girlfriends and support each other in forming better habits.

2. Guide the conversation tactfully. You may find your acquaintances are eager to see their bodies in a better light. Tell others why your perceptions have changed or just mention the new novel you’re reading instead of an analysis of how much you ate for lunch.

3. Tell the media what you think. Some people feel pressured by images of models and actresses who are much taller and thinner than average. Let advertisers and publishers know if you want to see more diversity.

4. Be sensitive about commenting on weight loss. Remarks about other people’s weight can be tricky. In general, let them take the initiative. If someone wants to talk about how well their diet is going, congratulate them. Otherwise, silence may be your best bet.

5. Engage in group activities. The best strategy may be to stop talking and start moving. Invite your friends to take a hike or play basketball. Physical activity helps you connect with your body and take satisfaction in your abilities.

Make your conversation fat free. Talk to your body like you love it, and soon your feelings will start to match your words. Abandoning fat talk will help you find more happiness in life and share it with others.

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