If you are regularly engaging in self-care, you need to celebrate! Don't let your self-care become stale or boring read more for some fresh ideas >>>

Explore New Methods of Self Care

If you are regularly engaging in self-care, you need to celebrate! Don't let your self-care become stale or boring read more for some fresh ideas >>>

If you’re the type of person who regularly engages in self-care, that’s something to be celebrated.

But after some time, your old methods of self-care can feel stale and boring.

What was once something new and invigorating for you is now just another part of your daily routine, so you’re not as enthused or affected by it anymore.

You’ll begin to get used to your current self-care routine at some point, so you shouldn’t be afraid to start testing out new methods of taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically.

You might find that something new and different – something you hadn’t considered before – works better than your old methods

Many people find their comfort zone in self-care and stick with it.

This isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it doesn’t help you as much as you might like.

While it’s perfectly fine to be comfortable doing your current routine, you might want to try switching either one thing up – or everything, if necessary.

There are so many methods of self-help out there that you might be missing out on something if you don’t try it out just once.

It also helps to switch things up so that your body and mind don’t begin to react on autopilot, refusing to benefit as much as they did in the beginning.

For example, you might have a great set up for yourself in terms of mental self-care.

You’re feeling good about yourself, and everything is working out well.

However, one day you might hear about someone journaling in order to help them keep track of their thoughts and help with their mental health.

This might pique your interest, but you might not do it just because you’re not used to it.

Don’t be afraid to try it for yourself.

Find a way to work it into your routine, and give it a little practice run.

Whenever you’re trying out a new method of self-care, don’t just try it once.

Give it at least a week, if not more, to get adjusted to it, and then decide whether or not you want to keep it as a part of your routine.

In all honesty, it’s always better to have tried something and not liked it instead of just never trying it in the first place.

If you never try something, even if you think you won’t like it, you’ll never know if that could’ve been something great for you.

Take a chance and give it a fair opportunity, and perhaps you might just find something that helps you improve yourself more than you thought possible.

Here are some fresh self-care ideas that you may not have thought of before…

Emotional Self-Care

  • Learn to say “no.”
  • Intentionally schedule “me time” on your calendar or planner.
  • Reward yourself for completing small tasks.
  • Use online tutorials to learn something new.
  • Develop a relaxing evening ritual.
  • Allow yourself to feel and express all your feelings (in a safe and appropriate environment).
  • Try some mindful exercises to help bring you into the present moment.
  • Try some adult colouring as a form of anxiety and/or stress release.
  • Remind yourself of the good stuff in life by writing a list of things you’re grateful to have.
  • Take a moment to allow your feelings to be present without judging them.
  • Stop being your harshest critic. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Spiritual Self Care

  • Make time for meditation in your day.
  • Do a 10-minute body scan technique to check in with each part of your body.
  • Do something nice for someone in secret.
  • Donate money to a charity of your choosing.
  • Help someone in some way.
  • Find an opportunity to use your strengths, that is, the things that energize you, more often.

Physical Self Care

  • Do some stretching exercises.
  • Take a walk.
  • Drink more water.
  • Exhaust yourself physically. Do whatever helps you feel fatigued.
  • Get a massage.
  • Go out and spend 10 minutes under the sun.
  • Go for a bike ride to nowhere in particular.
  • Go hiking, camping, or backpacking and spend some time in nature.
  • Go to bed early.

Social Self Care

  • Avoid toxic people.
  • Ask for help. Let people know you need some help.
  • Call a trusted friend or family member and talk things out.
  • Choose who you spend your time with today. Spend time with people who are enthusiastic and positive.
  • Intentionally reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with or have unresolved conflict with.
  • Join a support group for people who are going through what you’re going through.
  • Schedule a regular date night with your significant other.
  • Take a road trip with your siblings.

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