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When thinking about self coaching, you may wonder how you'll reap the benefits of working with a coach, without actually working with a coach?

When thinking about the concept of self coaching, you may wonder what this entails. How will you reap the benefits of working with a coach, without actually working with a coach?

In today’s information-rich world, you’ll be delighted to find so many useful coaching resources and tools. These self coaching materials as we’re calling them, will help you derive similar benefits as you would if working one on one with a coach guiding you toward your personal goals.

In fact, if the idea of enrolling in a self-coaching program appeals to you but you would like to stay away from actually working with a coach for any number of reasons, you do have this option. Set out on your personal development journey by signing up for any one of the many topic-specific online courses now offered by coaches and experts.

All you have to do is head to Google or to one of your favorite learning platforms such as the Beautiful You Coaching app, to find a plethora of useful self-coaching tools that can get you going on the path to self-improvement. All this for an economical price, and the freedom to pick and choose what you would like to learn about or focus on.

Some self coaching materials that would appeal to you:

Writing assignments.

Written assignments will depend on the subject matter and course of study you have chosen in your self-coaching journey. If you have opted to take an actual writing course, then you might be assigned something like creating a short story or pen a series of personal poems over the course of several weeks. Or, you might be asked to do a report on a book you have read or a presentation that you have viewed or listened to on a podcast.

Journaling courses.

Journaling courses span the gamut of possibilities. Whatever you journal about will entirely depend on the kind of course you have elected to take. For example, if this is about your personal development or relationships, then you might spend time writing in a journal, defining goals you have set and how you proceeded through achieving those goals. Or, you might write about things that bother you or thoughts you might have… or you might analyze challenges in your relationship and discuss how you worked through them.


Planners are ideal if you wish to set a series of goals either for your personal life, your individual development or your career or business. One example of this is if you’re a business owner looking to increase a connection with your customers and build a following on the web. A planner can help you flesh out what you’d like to accomplish with your email marketing and monthly or quarterly newsletters. 

Another idea for a planner could be if you need to tackle a pretty complicated, grand-scale personal goal. The goal might be something such as your wedding. A planner will help you nail down your stepping stone goals to help you check off various aspects of coordinating the wedding or other event. 

Personal assessments.

Personal assessments work best for those times when you’re searching for activities that will help you develop skills and improve in any number of areas. You might be looking for a career change, for instance. Perhaps there is an area of interest that appeals to you, but you aren’t quite sure if this is the direction you should go in. 

Taking a series of personal assessments can help you get clear on your career path and decide what your next moves should be. Or, if you seek greater fulfillment in what to do with your free time, then you might take a personal assessment or two to learn more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, your personality and social preferences.

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