Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Someone’s Day

Small acts of kindness have a huge impact. Check out some ideas on how to brighten someone’s day.

If you want to live in a better world, the change needs to start with you. Most of the time, being kind doesn’t require grand gestures. On the contrary, doing simple acts of kindness usually requires minimum effort from your side. However, it can have a huge impact on others and also on yourself. In fact, helping others can make you feel happier and healthier.

So, what small acts of kindness can you do to brighten someone’s day?

Let’s take a look at some simple ideas:

Share a compliment

Do you see something you like about your friend, colleague or a random stranger? Let them know! It’s amazing how much a compliment can brighten someone’s day. Plus, it costs you nothing to share positivity.

People often feel insecure, or they are not aware of the things that others appreciate about them. Receiving a compliment can significantly boost their confidence and set a positive mood for the entire day.

Plus, you never know what others are going through. Hearing some nice words from a friend or a stranger can make a big difference for someone who is having an awful day.

Offer unexpected gifts

Did you know that people actually prefer unexpected gifts?

While presents are always nice to give and receive, there is something special about unexpected gifts. Your friends and family probably expect a gift from you on occasions like Christmas or their birthday, but they will be much more pleasantly surprised by a random gift.

Offering a gift without having a reason, such as an anniversary, shows the other person that you thought about them and their needs and that you decided to do something nice for them for the sole purpose of making them happy. 

Allow someone to go in front of you in a line

If you’re not in a hurry, but someone else is, allow them to go in front of you in a store, on a ticket line, or in any similar situation. You are probably familiar with how bad it feels to be late for something and be forced to wait in line. Therefore, this is a simple act of kindness you can do to help others and brighten someone’s day. You can also apply this strategy in traffic by allowing someone to go in front of you.

Leave inspirational notes

How great would it be to browse for books at a library and find an inspirational note written by a stranger in one of the books? I bet it would definitely make your day better.

But what if you were the one who left the notes? If you have something nice to share with the world, there are many ways in which you can do it. For example, leaving notes in random places like books, benches in the park, or someone’s car window is a great way to spread positivity and share your creativity with others.

Ask someone about their day

As I said before, you never know what others are going through. Therefore, asking about their day could make a difference in the life of someone who is having a tough time, as they might feel the need to open up about their hardships. 

Think about how you feel when someone wants to know about your day. Being asked about your day is nice even if you are not having a bad day, as seeing that others care about your well-being makes you feel valued. Therefore, if you want to make a difference in someone’s life or show your friends that you care, don’t forget to take an interest in their well-being, at least from time to time.

Also, if someone decides to open up to you, try to be an active listener.  That means engaging in the conversation with the other person in a positive way. Pay attention to the conversation, ask relevant questions, provide feedback, and understand them. It’s not easy for people to talk about their problems, so if you really want to help them, you need to show them that you care and are truly interested in what they have to say.

Tip the waiter a little extra

Did you enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant? Was the waiter nice to you? Show your appreciation by leaving them a little extra tip.

Working in a restaurant or a cafe can be a very stressful job, especially when dealing with a large number of orders. Therefore, when the staff is nice and patient to you, it’s great to give them something in return. This will probably make their day better, especially since the tips represent a large percentage of a waiter’s earnings. 

Final thoughts  

Being kind and spreading positivity requires minimum effort, but it can have a huge impact on others and on the way you live your life. By doing nice things for other people, your life also becomes better, as you are surrounding yourself with kindness and positivity.

What are your tips for brightening someone’s day? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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