Tap Into The Power Of Being Grateful As You Move Forward

I’d like to expand on that as we end our challenge to provide you with a more in-depth list of helpful tips to tap into the power of being grateful.

We’ve come to the end of our mini-challenge, and we’ve covered quite a bit of information.

You’ve learned why acknowledging, embracing and expressing gratitude is so important.

You’ve also learned a few specific ways to begin a practice of gratitude in your own life.

I’d like to expand on that as we end our challenge to provide you with a more in-depth list of helpful tips to tap into the power of being grateful.

You can use these ideas as you move forward in creating your own routine.

Take a Gratitude Walk

Going for a walk is a great way to relieve stress and gain perspective.

It offers a number of advantages.

You leave your regular environment, get out in the fresh air and move away from distractions.

It’s a form of physical exercise that comes with all sorts of health benefits.

Walking can even be considered a form of meditation.

It’s a fabulous way to focus on gratitude.

During this particular jaunt, pay special attention to the things you encounter along the way.

Chances are, you’ll discover plenty to be thankful for during your walk.

Make a Gratitude Collage

A fun way to acknowledge your gratefulness in a visual way is to create a gratitude collage.

This process works in a similar way as a vision board.

You can cut out pictures from a magazine or add personal photos.

Your collage can simply be laid out on a poster board or you can get more creative and decorative.

You can even keep your board electronically on Pinterest or some other app.

The point is to collect images that move you to consider your good fortune.

It’s a good idea to put your board in a place where you can see it or access it daily.

You might even want to add to it to keep its momentum going.

Hold a Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is like Thanksgiving, only with friends and chosen family instead of biological family.

This special occasion is often held in a place of traditional Thanksgiving for those who don’t have family physically nearby or who aren’t emotionally close with their relatives.

Sometimes it takes place near the actual holiday.

You can get creative, though, and hold your own special gathering, customized to your needs, any time you wish.

A gratitude party or get-together can remind you of the people who are most important in your life and enhance existing bonds.

Look for Gratitude in Challenges

Let’s turn things around a bit.

You probably know how easy it is to focus on the bad stuff.

Sometimes we get stuck in the negative and allow it to weigh us down.

That’s natural, but you can interrupt that cycle by consciously working to find the gratitude in life’s challenges.

Look for the lessons or the silver linings.

Be sure to write them down in your gratitude journal or make a note of them in some formalized way so that you can look back and remember the good that came from adversity.

Help Others

One of the most impactful ways to gain perspective and be grateful for what you have is to help others in need.

This can be through a formal volunteer effort with a philanthropic organization or it can simply be something like helping a neighbor you see who could use a hand with his lawn.

No matter what the effort, you’ll reap the rewards when you pitch in to give to others.

Try to do something to help someone else at least once a week, and you’re sure to experience a boost in gratitude.

Give these ideas a try.

Research or brainstorm some additional ones on your own.

Just get started so you can see just what a difference embracing a mindset of gratitude can have on your entire life.

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