Tuck These Self Coaching Tools into Your Back Pocket

We talked about the availability of self coaching resources. You’ve got a great head start! Once you discover what kind of materials are out there for you to pick and choose, you can now take some time to choose the types of tools, aka learning materials, you’ll want to have access to along your self development journey. Let’s take a look at that in some detail now.


Quizzes are useful if you’ve signed up for a particular coaching program and wish to self-monitor your progress in that program. For example, maybe you’re working on anger management, or maybe developing leadership skills. Running through a quiz at certain points over the course of your studies can help you chart your progress. The course also serves as a reminder of what you should continue working on as well as sums up what you have accomplished.


Tutorials are useful especially if you wish to develop a skill and you’re in search of in-depth training and knowledge. For example, maybe you want to work on personal development. You have a specific creative goal in mind. You want to master a craft such as calligraphy. Maybe you see a potential for making money by developing this skill. A tutorial would be a wonderful type of self-coaching material that you can use without much in the way of assistance. It can be a virtual tutorial that you view on a video, or maybe your choice of a self-coaching tutorial is virtual in-person class where you use Skype or Zoom to follow along with a skilled instructor who can guide you through individual lessons and projects as you develop your calligraphy writing skill.

Group workshops. 

Another terrific self coaching tool that you might consider signing up for is a group workshop. Let’s say that you’re looking to master a specific type of skill such as being more productive. Rather than working one-on-one with a coach or teacher, you can sign up for a group workshop where a small number of students come together to work on assignments, and then give each other feedback and reviews at certain intervals.


Masterclasses make for a wonderful form of self coaching that does not require you to commit to working one-on-one or spending money on individual coaching hours. For a masterclass, you receive a a meeting link to login to, so you can watch and or listen along while taking down notes that relate to you.

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