What To Do When You Have More Than You Can Handle

In between challenges, life can seem easy, but the next problem is always on the way.Guaranteed! Heres some ideas to lighten your load >>>

Life is a series of challenges to be managed.

In between challenges, life can seem easy, but the next problem is always on the way.


When faced with too many challenges at once, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to believe that you have more going on in your life than you can handle.

There have been many times I have cried out to God, “This is too much, please stop trusting me to handle this.”

Regardless of the size or the number of challenges you may face, the solution is the same.

Ignore those things you can’t influence and spend your time and energy implementing solutions for those things you CAN!

A level head, a solid plan, persistence, and assistance can overcome any challenge life may bring.


Here are some ideas to lighten your load:

Acknowledge that you’re feeling overwhelmed

There’s nothing to be gained by ignoring your situation.

You’ll be in a better position to deal effectively with your life when you acknowledge the reality of the situation.

When you recognize that something is wrong, you can begin to do something about it.

Take a “Time Out”

If you’re at work, slip away for a quick walk.

If you have the freedom to do so, try taking a weekend trip.

A change of scenery can make the challenges in your life seem more manageable.

Make a plan

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to spend too much time focusing on the challenges in your life.

While this is a natural response, it leads to feeling even worse!

Rather than focusing on your issues, try focusing on solutions.

Imagine your friend was facing the same challenges: what advice would you give to them?

Make a plan to move beyond your current situation.

What solutions can you find? How will you implement them?

A simple change of focus can alter your perspective and mood.

Do you think you’ll feel better focusing on your problems or the solutions?

Distract yourself for a few hours

Read a good book or take a friend to the movies.

Now is the perfect time to do all the things you usually do to avoid working!

Talk to someone

You could speak to a coworker, a friend, a family member, or a mental health professional.

Who would you call on in your life to talk you down off a ledge?

Pick up the phone and include someone else in your current situation.

List the good things in your life

It might be rough at the moment, but I encourage you to look around for things in your life that you can be grateful for, I know you can find some things no matter how dark your valley is.

Make a list of them and reflect on the many blessings in your life.

Few things feel better than laughing. What makes you laugh?

Rent a funny movie or spend time with someone that always finds a way to make you giggle.

Who is the funniest person in your life?

Get some help

More heads and pairs of hands can get a lot more accomplished than you can all by your lonesome.

Most people are pretty bored and would jump at the chance to help you deal with your drama, or just come help you clean your house to help lift the load.

Don’t feel ashamed to ask; we’ve all needed and still need help from time to time.

You have plenty of options when you think you have more to deal with than you can handle.

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. As much as we would all like it to be.

When life becomes especially challenging, feeling overwhelmed can dampen your spirit and hide the best solutions from you.

Admit to yourself that you’re struggling and begin looking for solutions.

Allow yourself a few distractions when you need them.

Reach out to others and avoid trying to solve everything on your own.

Soon, you’ll be back on a more enjoyable path.

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