Why Choose Happiness Over Success?

Many people think that success will guarantee happiness. But delaying being happy until you’ve got that promotion, or a bigger car is a mistake.

Many people think that success will guarantee happiness.

But delaying being happy until you’ve got that promotion, or a bigger car is a mistake.

Tying your happiness to achieving your goals almost guarantees you’ll never be happy.

Here are three reasons to choose happiness over success.

You’ll Never Get There!

Have you noticed that there are always more goals to achieve?

As soon as you get that job, your eye is on the next promotion.

Setting goals and achieving them is important but waiting to be happy until you’re successful is like chasing butterflies.

There will always be another better butterfly just out of reach.

Happiness Breed Success

There’s increasing evidence that happy people tend to be more successful.

By focusing on being happy and living life on their terms, they are already successful.

Choosing happiness in your current circumstances creates greater self-confidence.

You will act and talk like you’ve already made it.

And that sort of confidence is contagious and inspiring.

Simply by choosing to be happy you have a competitive edge!

Success is What You Make It

Ask ten people for their definition of success, and you’ll get ten different answers.

For some people, it is the consumer’s dream of an executive job, a fancy car, and a big house.

For others, it will be the freedom to travel or paint or write or own their own business.

Probably the most important decision you’ll make is to work out what success means for you.

And the most meaningful success is to choose what makes you happy.

What is your passion? What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

It’s up to you to decide what is going to make you happy.

It’s still okay to want to have the trappings of success but think about why you want them.

Chances are it’s the feeling you want rather than the thing itself.

If you think making more money will make you feel secure, or enable you to travel or support your favourite cause, maybe there are other ways you can do those things right now?

Maybe you can volunteer for your charity, or choose cheaper vacation options, or start a savings plan.

There’s no need to delay being happy until you’ve reached a level of material success.

You can choose to be happy right now and find contentment in the things that already make you feel good!

Let Me Be Real With You

I used to think that a bigger house, a newer car or a fancy new outfit would make me happy.

I wanted people to look at me and see an example of success, I didn’t want to be looked at as that insecure, dirty, raggedy girl I was growing up.

We are very blessed – and I don’t take any of it for granted.

Growing up in an addiction based home, family vacations consisted of us driving down a dirt road.

Our home was always falling apart because the adults didn’t maintain or finish any of the projects.

One thing that stuck while growing up, was when I asked my mom if we were poor (I was labelled the welfare kid at school).

My mom would respond with “We are rich with Love”

To me, being successful is having my Faith and good health, a loving committed husband, smart ambitious children — and knowing my purpose so that God can use me in the here & now.

I don’t need millions of dollars, or the newest car or even an expensive suit.

I am grateful for who I am, and the level of success that I have achieved.

You see Gratitude can unlock a whole new world for you.

Did you know, that what you think about you bring about?

It’s true – If you find yourself constantly complaining about where you’re life is currently – how do you think you will make a change if you are stuck listing out all the negatives?

How about trying to list out what you are grateful for – and just see what happens – it can be Life-Changing!

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