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What Is a Life Coach?


As a life coach, we have multiple roles in your life.

We will unlock your potential, help you discover your best self and act as a motivator, accountability partner and strategist. By getting a life coach, you are investing in yourself.

A life coach is responsible for engaging you in powerful coaching conversations and asking the right questions to enable the breakthroughs that will cause a shift in your life.

How Does One Benefit Me?

Holding You Accountable

Accountability is key for you to get the best guidance, which would help you to overcome your fears and assume more responsibilities for your own personal and professional growth.

Reveals and Helps You Jump Over Obstacles

Feel motivated to stay focused on your desired goals. I will help reveal your obstacles and guide you to eliminate them with a step-by-step action plan.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Share your secrets and vent out the negative energies that are holding you captive. Create positive feelings and strategies every time we connect.

Stands by You During The Tough Times

Having someone listen to you attentively without judging you in any way, all while motivating you to look forward with a fresh new perspective.

Guides You to Achieve the Best of Yourself!

Discover what you truly seek from life. Take full control of your life events. Feel responsible for your actions and start transforming your life.

What is the Purpose of My Life? Why Am I Here?

I want to live out what I was created for! I don’t want to just exisit, I want to make an impact on the world in my own special way.

Why Don't I DREAM Any More?

I want to take back my dreams, breathe life over them and above all else LIVE THEM OUT WITH PASSION!

How can I Heal from My Past so I can Thrive Not Survive?

I’m tired of my past robbing me of my future. I no longer want to be a prisoner of those negative thoughts or behaviours.

Where Did My Confidence Go?

I used to not care what others thought of me, why does it bother me so much now? I want to take back my Confidence and fall in Love with Myself all over AGAIN! 

Why Do I Do the Things I Do?

 Somewhere along the way, I feel like I have lost the REAL ME. I make decisions based on what others want from me, and I often feel like my Values are being compromised. I want to realign with my personal Values so that I can make better decisions.  

You’re Not Alone

I’ve been there; lost, confused and angry with God!

The Good News Is, You Don’t Have To Navigate This Path of Transformation Alone.

That’s where I come in as Your Dedicated Transformational Life Coach!

Revealing the beauty of who you are, reprograming the negative thought processes so that you can truly love yourself for who you are. Unlocking your purpose and giving it life so you can live it out with passion!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Coaching Call With Me! This is where we will get to know each other a little better as we discuss what you are hoping to get out of our coaching relationship. What is the Ultimate Goal you want to accomplish?


Choose a Coaching Plan

On our call, I will be explaining the differences between my coaching packages, and we can discuss which one will best serve you.

Or you can jump right into my Beautiful You Membership and start today!

Reach Your Goals

Once you have picked your coaching package, this is where we get to work! We will dive deep into your SMART goal and set up an actionable plan together.

Hi, I’m Coach Stacey


I am a Transformational Life Coach who helps woman find their identity so that they can live out their purpose with passion! Even if you don’t know what your purpose is, I will help you gain the confidence to unpack the desires of your heart.

I became a transformational life coach after I found healing and freedom from a messed up past. With a PHD in ‘Life-Theology’ I believe that I can meet you where you are at with compassion and support to help you unpack all that holds you back.


I’m Committed To Seeing You Find Freedom

and Live Your Dreams!

Want to know more, book a FREE call with me now!

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